As director of the firm’s Corporate Advisory division, Mark draws on his extensive background in taxation, business advisory and audit services to deliver a suite of specialist services both internally and externally.

Mark is an agile and innovative thinker and problem-solver. He has a knack for grasping complex accounting and taxation issues and providing pragmatic solutions.

Business clients, lawyers and other accounting professionals value Mark’s insights and attention to detail, along with his ability to explain complicated concepts in simple terms.

He has honed and applied his skills across Australia and overseas, and particularly enjoys analysing organisational processes and governance to improve financial management.

Mark’s approach to strategy is to get it right the first time, and has implemented plans for many businesses to achieve asset protection, tax minimisation, financial risk management and operational efficiency. He also:

  • Advises and supports clients to buy or sell businesses and raise capital
  • Values businesses for transactions, succession planning, taxation and matrimonial property settlements
  • Conducts investigations into suspected fraud and financial mismanagement
  • Evaluates corporate financial systems for integrity and risk management
  • Devises and negotiates business strategies from inception to transformation to succession
  • Determines the value of economic loss in commercial disputes
  • Provides expert evidence in the form of written reports or examination in Court